Commercial Type Hopper Bottom Silos - Feed GrainSilos

Economic hopper bottom silos are ideal for low capacity grain storage.Diameters between 3.65m and 6.40m with 216m3 max. capacity available.These silo's hopper design is preffered for easy grain ow during unlling process.

Silo roofs are designed with 275gr/m2 galvanized, high quality steel custom products.With its overlapping design, our roofshave great resistance and tightness ability.We use strong crossbeams to construct 30* roofs. Both standart and custom designes are available, dependingon the size, and the local external loadsabout roof systems.

81 mm. wide corrugatede Wall-sheets are the narrowest ones that you can ever nd. 8.8 quality bolts and 8 quality bolt pins which are used for ttachment are both galvanized.Also special elemenets are used for perfect isolation. Silo body is constructed over solid galvanized standlegs. The crosswise brackets between the standlegs and the embedment process applied with steel plates makes the silo body more stable.

Economic hopper bottom silos have two angels of 45* 60* according to the grain type thats going to be stored.They are also used for loading, blending and conditioning after drying.

Hopper design helps the unloading process without using manpower.Slidegates are used for unloading with options of manuel or pneumatic.Buckled bolt pins are used to avoid the grain aggregation.

There are optimal appliences like; side ladder, safety cage, ventilation fans, hopper bottom access doors, grain inspection gates.

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