Hopper Base (Hopper Bottom Silo)

For frequent unlling action, hopper bottom silos are preffered.Hopper design lets the grain ow easily and save Money and time.The hopper angel varies according to grain type, silo diameter, the purpose of the silo.Economic hopper base silos has the low capacity.

Commercial hopper base silos has the diameter of 4.58 – 11.00 and 1800m3 capacity at max.

Commercial type hopper base silos are capable of carrying their load with the help of their special designed steel construction. For your grains safe storage, every detail applied.Depending on the diameter and grain kind,there are four different kind of hopper angels used as 37* 40* 45* 60* Silos are specially designed according to the local conditions such as,Earth-quake, wind, snow etc.Wall sheets and stiffeners are produced from S350GD+Z high quality steel which are optional for 275, 350, 450 gr/m2 galvanized,have minimum 350 N/mm2 tensile strength.All the loads about silo like wind load, lling&unlling loads, are transmitted to the ground with the stiffeners.

Silo roofs are designed with 275gr/m2 galvanized, high quality steel custom products.With its overlapping design, our roofs have great resistance and tightness ability. We use strong crossbeams to construct 30* roofs.Both standart and custom designes are available, depending on the size, and the local external loads about roof systems.

High quality fitting elements are used during assembling process.Dacromet 500 coated EN DIN 933 bolts which are 10.9 quality standart and isolation straps are used to compose unique isolation with long lasting life.

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